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Any absence without notifying the centre will not be entitled to a refund or a catchup session. The tutor will still need to be paid for his/her time.

For any absence for which the centre is given prior notice, even early that afternoon, every effort will be made to organise a catchup session but cannot be guaranteed in all circumstances. Unfortunately, because of the costs involved, students are only entitled to one catchup session per term.


In order for tuition to be effective:-

  1. Students need to have or adopt a positive attitude and be increasingly pro-active in developing their knowledge, skills and understanding  for tuition to bear fruit. This means there are expectations that all students will:-
    • Work quietly, focusing on their own work, respecting the needs of others
    • Abide by the rules
    • Bring their books and equipment to each session
    • Have a positive attitude and be willing to learn
    • Attempt each activity to the best of their ability
    • Ask for help when they need it
    • Set out their work and notes in a neat, organised way
    • Complete their follow up work as well as they can
    • Celebrate their achievements as they work towards mastery
  2. Parents/guardians need to play an active part in the tuition process by ensuring each child:-
    • Attends regularly for reasons of continuity and development of better learning habits
    • Brings their materials to each session
    • Does any homework set by the tutor (absolutely vital for those having reading tuition)

In the interests of Master Learning's integrity and parent/guardian's sense of "value for money" should there be any recurring problems with any of the above or other facets of the tuition process, staff will discuss the matter/s with the parents/guardians and may, in extreme cases of ongoing lack of effort, affect a ceasing of the tuition of that child.


It is anticipated that behaviour will never be an issue at Master Learning but in the rare instance that it is, the offending child's parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to take the child home early. The child will not be allowed to remain in the tuition session disrupting other students in the centre but will be supervised in the waiting room until the parent/guardian arrives.

Child Safe

Master Learning is a government registered Child Safe Organisation and diligently follows the requirements willingly. As explained (in the following links) on the State government website "Office of the Children's Guardian", a Child Safe organisation:-


Fees are always an awkward topic but we can't avoid the fact that they need to be paid and need to be paid on time. So we ask that they be given the rightful consideration and understanding. 

Tuition is a commitment to learning, not a 'magic bullet' and so tutoring is a learning contract between the student, the tutor and the Centre. This is why tuition is paid for by the term. Please talk with Laurie or Denise if the term payment of fees is difficult.

It is no longer viable for weekly payment of fees to be made by card or cash because unfortunately such casual arrangements are increasingly losing a sense of commitment leaving Master Learning to fund tutors' time when students don't attend. So if there is an agreed plan to pay weekly it needs to be through a formal direct debit agreement negotiated for the duration of the respective term of tuition.


Master Learning only employs qualified and experienced teachers/tutors so you can rest assured that they are trained practitioners of diagnostic assessment and able to determine an individual's weakness/es, and devise and implement a best-fit personalised learning plan.