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#18 Most Popular Kids Activity in Macarthur & Camden for 2016. What would you expect to find in the list of the top 25 most popular Kids Activities in the directory of "Active Activities" for 2016?  .... a sports club? a party place? a performing arts centre? All good thoughts of course. Indeed, all of these were in the top 25 but the 18th? ....... Master Learning!!!!
Just out of interest, the other top 25 were comprised of .... 8x sports clubs, 6x performing arts centres, 5x party places, 3x health & fitness centres and 1 each of an arts & crafts centre and a public speaking group. Aside from anything else, it is such an incredible privilege to have education included in the category of Kids Activities let alone rank among the Most Popular in the Macarthur & Camden region. Thanks to all our staff for being so good at what they do and to our students & families for supporting us.

smartcar.jpgWhat's this!? Disappointingly our 15sec ad at Dumaresq St theatre received an enormous 300% price hike. Well that's actually, a price rocket!!! So we have invested in some mobile advertising that also gets us around town with ease and handles the freeway amazingly. It's 10yrs old but in great condition and for those who haven't seen them before the car is called a Smart car, yes, that's right, it's a Smart. I've ridden a motorbike with a bigger engine - but this 700cc has the tiniest of tiny turbo chargers! Very common in Europe but not so much here.
When we saw it we figured it was the perfect car for Master Learning.

Wow! isn't it lovely! What a beautiful old building! The reaction from pretty much everyone when they step inside our new location. The character and charm of Hollylea House is striking. As far as location goes it seems to be easy to get to though obviously a hike for our students from Campbelltown High. All our groups fit in well and even having to join reception and the waiting room is working well. See our facebook page for photos of some of the inside.

Re-locating: the landlord of the main centre (Chamberlain St) has sold up to developers so Master Learning has signed a lease on the not so far away "Hollylea House" across the railway line in Hollylea Road just up from the "food-house" intersection at Woodbine. It's at the front of the Hollylea Centre that houses Monkey Mania, Vocalise and a number of other well-known businesses. We will be moving in the break at the end of term 1 and start term 2 in the new location on Monday 20th April. Plenty of parking at the front and rear of the complex and plenty of food and drinks a short walk away :-) and mums/dads can practise their Skater moves just across the street.

Accreditation:- Master Learning is an inaugural member of the Australian Tutoring Association having joined the association at its inception in 2005. One of the major aims of the association is to provide a means of regulating the tuition sector. It provides a central registry of registered tutors across Australia for the community to search in the confidence that the membership meet the requisite standards both academic and business as well as adhere to the published Code of Conduct. The association has recently implemented a national accreditation standard and process to guarantee the minimum standards of its membership. It should be no surprise to those who have experienced the quality of tuition at Master Learning that it is a fully accredited member of the Tutoring Association.


Phonics Fun - Mini Masters - Master Learning has introduced special tuition sessions for children in the year before school learning reading skills that are vital preparation for the first year of school. See the Programs page for more details.


2013_FINALIST-150x209.jpgGood news


As testimony to the quality of tuition and the effectiveness of the methods deployed at Master Learning there have been several students (Primary and High School) who improved so much by the end of Term 1 and more in Term 2 this year they felt they were no longer in need of tuition. Whilst we will miss them in and it is so gratifying to see their improvements, receive expressions of appreciation from relieved parents and to have the satisfaction that it is all worth while. Come and join us and see your children achieve the results they deserve.
Our weekly award winners who have earned their rewards by working hard either at home, at the centre or both are to be congratulated on their conscientious approach to their own learning. Two tickets to the movies are still part of the Master Learning rewards along with many other choices of the now famous and well accepted "This" or "That".