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School Programmes


We provide tuition in:-

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Tutoring Programmes for all students in a relaxed environment

Master Learning offers tutoring in a wide variety of subjects for students of all ages, school readiness to Year 12 (see homepage). All skill levels are catered for, with the small group format allowing teachers to focus on the individual requirements of each student whilst maintaining the richness of learning together rather than in isolation.

One of the distinctives of Master Learning is that our focus is on the student not on the programme!

Tuition for K-12 happens after school Mon-Fri until 7.00pm though sometimes we run sessions on Saturdays depending on the demand.

Occasionally throughout the year we run special short programmes in the school holidays like the "January Jumpstart" or "Master It" programmes in January or the "HSC Lockdown" study weeks later in the year or the "Phonics Fun" programme for pre-schoolers who wish to prepare for reading at school.

Whatever the time, Master Learning aims to provide the best possible programmes, teachers, resources and learning environment for students in the Macarthur region. We have an unrivaled record from assisting thousands of students over more than twenty years, accomplish significant results in core subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science and Reading.

Small Groups yet Individual

Each student, works with an experienced teacher (not a uni student) who, from training & experience, is able to diagnose student weaknesses with or without formal assessment. The tutor then devises an individual program to meet the student's learning needs. A report is given each term to indicate what has been done in tuition sessions, what still requires attention and the progress that has been achieved.

Learning is maximised when students are calm, confident and concentrating on the task in front of them and our Triple A approach of attitude, ability and action has a proven track record of helping students to achieve these goals. In its simplicity it means Master Learning encourages each student to:-
           • develop a positive attitude towards learning and life
           • develop the ability to focus on what is important
           • put plans and goals into real action

This personalised learning program is what stands us apart from many other centres. All tuition at Master Learning is done in a very small group of students to enhance the skills, motivation and confidence of each child. This also assists the student to develop various important skills that are needed at school while working in a relaxed and effective atmosphere. Our tutoring sessions provide expert teaching with students being given attention on areas that they need as individuals so that a basic understanding is developed. Students are motivated to practise these skills at tuition and home until they are consolidated. Revision of these skills over a period of months or years will enable them to be mastered and learning to become an enjoyment.

We would like all our students to experience the wonderful feelings that come from mastering their schoolwork and this is the reason we recommend that tuition continue for an extended period of time. Even though some of our students improve very quickly, we do not aim to provide a quick fix.

The lasting benefits of improved self-confidence, self-esteem and school results are best developed and nurtured in a calm learning environment like the one we, as a government registered "Child Safe Organisation", provide. We hope you agree.

Tuition is a commitment to learning, not a 'magic bullet' and so tutoring is a learning contract between the student, the tutor and the Centre. This is why tuition is paid for by the term.