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At the Centre

"It's our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny"


girl at work

"Ability may get you to the top but it takes character and determination to keep you there." there."

teenager at work

"In order to play the grander and more difficult pieces, I must build on the daily mastery of the ordinary."

"Our attitude is our best friend or our worst enemy. It is the speaker of our present. It is the prophet of our future. It is more honest and more consistent than our words"

People young and old are happiest when they are achieving to their potential. However many children as well as adults do not know their own capabilities or how to improve. Master Learning can help. Effective tutoring and training can develop greater confidence and motivation. Once self image and self expectations improve, students' performance in all areas improves dramatically and this will assist them to get the best value from their time at school or adult studies. The question often asked is why tuition will benefit students if they come to our centre. Here are some reasons:

1. We Have A Vision!

Our Aim is to improve each students' self confidence, self-esteem and school results
Our Vision is to make a positive difference in the life of each student.
Our Mission is to provide inspirational teaching and support.

2. All students at Master Learning can expect:

  • To enjoy the sessions
  • To have access to many more high quality resources in our rooms than if we brought a bag to their home
  • To develop attitudes and strategies that will enhance their learning now and throughout their lives.
  • To meet other students who have similar hopes and dreams and also have things to learn and/or improve

3. A guarantee:

Guarantee: Our Learning Centre is one of the founding members of the  ATA. This means that our Learning Centre follows an agreed code of conduct that provides families with assurance of quality and experience.
Accredited Tutor
To reinforce the guarantee of service provided at the centre Laurie has recently attained registration as an Accredited Tutor with the Australian tutor accrediting body, Accredited Tutor.

4. Our tutoring agreement:

From the students' perspective:-
Master Learning will ...
  • Provide an environment that allows for the best possible learning outcomes.
  • Gather and manage all the resources that are necessary to facilitate the truly flexible individual learning plans for each student
  • Employ tutors that are qualified, experienced and passionate educators and educational diagnosticians.
  • Keep students, parents and staff in a safe environment
Each tutor will ...
  • Create a quiet, calm learning environment in which all students are treated with respect. 
  • Prepare tutoring sessions thoroughly. 
  • Encourage me to do my best and write positive comments on my work. 
  • Explain activities clearly. 
  • Help me when I need help. 
  • Check my work and notes. 
  • Mark my follow up work. 
  • Provide a written progress report each term.
All students will ...
  • Work quietly, focusing on their own work, respecting the needs of others. 
  • Abide by the rules
  • Bring their books and equipment to each session. 
  • Have a positive attitude and be willing to learn. 
  • Attempt each activity to the best of their ability. 
  • Ask for help when they need it. 
  • Set out their work and notes in a neat, organised way.
  • Complete their follow up work as well as they can.
  • Celebrate their achievements as they work towards mastery.
There are many advantages for students who are willing to do extra work. There are good reasons also why paying for assistance by trained professionals in a small group will "make the difference". Even the Department of Education and many schools are recognising that extra lessons after school can assist students to be successful above and beyond what they would achieve in normal school lessons in much larger groups. In a recent newspaper article, the NSW Education Minister outlined the need and provision for extra coaching for Year 12 students from 77 schools to achieve higher marks. Homework centres are developing in many schools.
We believe the Master Learning method of tuition is your best choice for a number of reasons:
  • Experienced qualified teachers on staff who want the best for each student. They set individual programs to assist the pupils achieve skills, gain proficiency and make definitive improvement
  • Flexible programs that nurture each student in what needs strengthening, practising, reviewing or establishing in their different subjects
  • Develop the self-confidence and belief that is required by all students if they are to be successful and happy. Often students are unaware of what they can achieve and they perform to a level far below their capacity and potential
  • A strong organisation that believes that education is not just about marks and results but developing children, young people and adults to seek and achieve their goals and dreams. It is developing a positive attitude towards learning and life, developing the ability to focus on what is important and finally putting plans and goals into real action. One important outcome of this approach is the attainment of better marks and results. This motivates students to aim higher than they often would without the encouragement and incentive building of tuition.

We look forward to continuing to assist families in the Macarthur region to enjoy their journey of life, particularly in education.