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Fee Schedule

......  for 2018 Tuition

Tuition is a commitment to learning, not a 'magic bullet' and so tutoring is a learning contract between the student, the tutor and the Centre. This is why tuition is paid for by the term (pro rata for students not starting in the first week of term).

Lessons in all subjects are for one hour except for 1-on-1 sessions with Yrs K-6 who do a half hour lesson.

Lessons are generally one per week and are held only during normal school terms - after school Mon-Fri and on Saturday (subject to demand and availability of teachers most of whom need the weekend for either schoolwork or downtime).

Lessons are done in very small groups with an experienced, qualified teacher.

A discount will be given to those who pay by CASH, CHEQUE or DIRECT TO OUR ACCOUNT by the end of the first week of their tuition. The discount can not apply to 1-on-1 (individual) sessions in Maths or English.

Fees for 10 Week Terms (term 1 in 2018)

Year at school
type of session
One child for
Sibling discount OR for 2nd group subject
K - 6 small group $450 $405
K - 6   ½hr 1-on-1 $450 $405
7 - 10 small group $450 No discount
7 - 10  1-on-1 $650 No discount
11 - 12 grp of 2-5 $550 No discount
11 - 12  1-on-1 $750 No discount
Uni Students /Adults $70/hr  N/A

Two half term payments may be made - one in week 1 and one in week 5. Because we do not 'teach' classes, students may enrol without disadvantage at any time during the term. In such cases, fees are adjusted pro rata.

A discount is available for Primary students doing more than one subject or for more than one student from a family except for high school.

Please note: Payment is required if the tutor is already en route to the centre or already in attendance when we are notified of a student's absence and the student will not be entitled to a “catchup” session.

If the centre is given ample notice of an absence every effort will be made to organise a “catchup” session but due to timetable restraints and/or the student's other commitments, “catchups” cannot be guaranteed in all circumstances. In any case, “catchups” are limited to one per term.